Thursday, 17 November 2011

painter: Sarah Dougherty

Found these paintings on this site, I believe it's an exhibition called Room Paintings for the UCLA department of art MFA 2012. These are all by Sarah Dougherty. She is a gardener, teacher and painter who has a very interesting agenda:

Growing non-capitalistic creativity by tending the wild and relishing in moments where function determines spontaneous form through ingenuity in limited resources and the tenacious will to thrive.

Let's dismantle whitestream culture's grip on education, law, art and agriculture by giving space for female & plant knowledges to emerge through theory and practice.

Dougherty is based in LA and paints intimate interiors and spaces with that sense of wonky mundanity I find so pleasing. They're confortable images that are site specific. For my final project I'm quite interested in exploring the spaces where images of interiors can inhabit and I'm curious about the scale and purpose of these images.

more images after the jump

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