Saturday, 3 October 2009

This is an image from the Selby's bit on Georgie Greville's apartment. As an image alone, there's a careless geometry to the composition, there's the interior perspective, there's bright yellow, my favourite colour, that beigey coffee stain touch, humour behind the skull pillow. The interior itself is even greater than the sum of its parts, that bedcover is increadible tapestry, the drawings are insanely intricate, and Georgie Greville is beautiful. There's another level of intimacy which, as we've established, I love in an image.


Leon Bakst's ballet costume designs are notable for many, many reasons. But my interst has always been his understanding of the human form, his use of colour, his portraiture and, above all, his composition. I've actally considered getting one of his drawings as a tattoo, his work is just filled with movement, beauty and intricacy. Just love it all.


Truly good photographs of one's own life is one of the most invaluable things. Particularly when they are seemingly inncouous moments, it's nostalgia of the heighest form when something can never be the same way again. It's one of the many beauties of film photography- you try your hardest and take what you get.

This is from another amazing website I can't remember. It's surprisingly easy to make people smile, and I think that the act of sending cards to one another has been reduced to trying to out-joke your friend. At least to me it has.


This is an image I found somehwere on The Selby, an image I have been in love with ever since. My mother collected antique saints all throughout my life, right up until my parent's moved to a muslim country. What was left behind in the Sao Paulo flat was an extensive an important collection of figurative barroque sculpture, ranging from 17th Century St. Sebastians to 19th Century Baby Jesuses. Godlessness never stopped us from apreciating the power of religious imagery, but as I grew up I realized that it was all a big joke, expensive campery. Just Kitsch at its best.


I was never as in love with Marion Cotillard than the night she won the Oscar.
I was possessed, I truly think I wanted her to have it just as much as she did.
I remember seeing this image long after my love for her had waned, but seeing it reminded me of feeling overwhelmed, not only that day, but other times in life. There's something perfect about photography when It does that, spontaneously, like a familiar smell. The image depicts one of the most public places and situations on earth, whilst managing to seem private and intimate.


Aburdity is the platform on which all of David Shrigley's work is based, a platform standing on a firm ground of truth. It makes me so happy to see just how popular his work has become, It's refreshing to see someone so cynical refuse to take themselves, or anyone else, seriously. What I also love about his work is how inextricable text and image are, without one or the other ever seeming redundant.


This came from a series of photographs about fanaticism by someone whose name I never wrote down. I found it on one of the blogs I read forever ago and cannot for the life of me figure out where or when. The concept of the entire shoot was a commentary on how fanaticism impinges itself on every aspect of life, and the resulting images are whimsical, wonderfully composed and entirely absurd.


2005 was a year largely spent DeviantArt, out of boredom, for inspiration, whatever. Finally I found that nothing made me as insecure, so eventually I weened myself off the website. Some images, though, I still keep and look at whenever I haven't worked in in a while. This image by JepaJee, called HuHaHey And a Bottle of Rum was a collaborative and fabulous little piece I wish I'd done myself.
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I remember seeing this on Post Secret right after reading the sixth Harry Potter book. Post Secret is never as beautiful as when you feel someone's sent in your secret for you. The image was so brilliantly composed, the message so straighfroward. Truth is I care about Dubledore than allot of people I know, let alone ones I don't.