Monday, 8 March 2010

Noone in the UK seems to watch the Oscars. I've looked forward to them every year since I was about 11, and I've maybe missed 1 or two since then. I'm not going to be obnoxious and discuss what I thought, funnily enough these posters say it all! Nothing on Tom Ford's 'A Single Man' though, which is a tale for another time, when I've stuck back together the pieces of a shattered heart that isn't even mine.

Stills from 1980s porn films; for no other reason than to keep with the nudity theme and lament that porn films now a days have none of this nostalgic blue/yellow tint and depth of field.

And on that note....
A portrait of two decades
in the life of a business
the days of a dreamer
and the nights in between

Boogie Nights


Jacques magazine is a new erotic publication from the states. Acording to their blog:
"Jacques celebrates a return to the origins of the pulp title; edgy opinion, arousing interviews and fiery fiction blended with unparalleled pictorials illustrating the real beauty of real women."

Thursday, 4 March 2010



The Brain-
The foil with all the inside track

Laura -
hard luck in a red kimono

The Pin-
All the jake sprang from him

All the visual sensibilities of a classic Film Noir and the quick witted dialogue of a 1940 detective film mixed with a storyline set in a Southern Californian high school, Brick has to be one of the best films I've seen in a while. Of all the directions they could have taken with the poster design, the ones above fortunately do the film justice.

Having finally surrendered to the debt trap that is eBay, I've since purchased a $10 old LIFE magazine interviewing Woody Allen (shipped internationally for the bargain secret price of $34), a wonderbra and a fujifilm instax mini + 10 films. In light of my March visitors and April trip, getting the camera seemed like an awesome idea; to create a visual language that, by virtue of being expensive and thus unsustainable, is particular to special occasions and special images worth remembering. I'm also gearing up to create the soundtrack for starting spring (I'm thinking Nineties feel good meets Boogie Nights meets Quentin Tarentino's made up 'K-Billie's Supersounds of the Seventies' station)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

"I want to create very pretty feminine images of naked women. Maybe it's a buffer against the ugly world we live in... I want to imbue them with a sense of nostalgia and personal history, but not a desire for a happier time an place... for these nudes I construct a tableux with an aura of nostalgia and modern elegance, as if they were shot by a lover... there is an attitude of leisurely sensuality.
My photographs embody a female perspective where taste is the only morality."

Marlene Marino