Thursday, 20 October 2011

Grayson Perry - Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman Round one

The Grayson Perry Exhibit currently on at the British Museum, The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman, has earned its way into my top 5 list as one of the most spectacular collection of works I've ever seen. It is wonderfully curated by Perry himself with sensitivity and tenacity to the meaning and purpose of objects, the development of visual language and the importance of personal motifs. Surprisingly, most of the work Perry displayed was from 2011, and these pieces were the ones that worked in tandem with the ancient British Museum pieces on show. Perry spent two years prior to this show behind the scenes at the British Museum, and this has had an evident and profound effect on his work. This exhibit will take at least 2 more visits to digest entirely, I became a British Museum member just because it'll be more affordable to do so!

British Museum, in all it's might.
Alan Measles, Perry's 50 year-old teddy, in his carriage. Alan plays as God and ruler in Perry's sensational imaginary world. The custom bike is , as Perry sais himself, a prime and thriving example of custom craftsmanship for the customer, "in the same way that a custom armour or an embroidered robe would have been for a tudor king".

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Hold Your beliefs Lightly.
Alan Measles, hidden in the traveller, making one of several cameos.

One of Two travellers, in made in cast iron and painted in oils.

A detail from the Tapestry "Map of Truths and Beliefs"

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