Thursday, 27 October 2011

BBC: Frozen Planet

With ever present humour and sensitivity, David Attenborough strikes again with his new series, Frozen Planet. The series relies well crafted convention of sweeping nature shots and what I see as much needed perspective, punctuated by impossibly anthropomorphic animal interactions which put most scripted television to shame. I'm 34 minutes into the first episode, To The Ends of the Earth, and I've witnessed the start and end of an entire love story between two polar bears, fraught with chase, infatuation, secrecy, jealousy, sex, fights and, ultimately, abandonment. The scene where the sea lion chases the penguin is a masterclass in slapstick comedy, and The wolves versus bison is Warfare 101.

I think it's spectacular that in the UK we have access to a program so expertly made with public money. Some of the shots are so spectacular that I can't even imagine the excitement at managing to shoot something that sais so much, so succinctly about our planet and ultimately ourselves.

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