Monday, 14 February 2011


The Criterion Collection restore, reissue and, in a way, rebrand cult classics and art house films. One of the best things about them are their redesigning of posters for DVD sales, like their 25 films by Akira Kurosawa.
For Print Only is a great archive of printed matter with comprehensive overviews of Project details and production methods. Super informative and comprehensive, with some excellent work.
The Fox is Black is the blog of LA based designer Bobby SOlomon along with 4 other contributors. I'm very fond of it! There is a whole variety of posts ranging from film trailers to mix tapes and graphic sensibilities.

here. is a company that uses design solutions for branks, books, packaging, interiors, you name it. Found them through their wonderful Geometry of Pasta book. Their entire publication ouevre is pretty delicious.
September Industry self-consciously lables itself as 'Pure Ocular Pleasure Biweekly', or 'New Heights of Elitist Design Snobbery'. It's sophisticated in its selection but begins to look very repetitive after a good browse. Again, some great great stuff in the Book section.

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