Monday, 21 February 2011


"A pervasive medium, a pervasive environment is always beyond perception."

Below are parts one and two of the 1968 experimental audio collage LP based on The medium is the massage, which you can also find here. It's hilarious, enlightening and bewildering in equal measure. The more you listen to McLuhan speak in interviews, the more you can make out of not only what is said the disc, but how it is said. Example one being that the last 'point' McLuhan makes in the above trailer - "we are not sure who discovered water, but we're pretty sure it wasn't the fish" - is reiterated in Part one at 6:03 in a daffy duck-like voice. Which came first?

Particularly funny is the point at which McLuhan is reading out:
"Writing did not merely record language, it was a totally new medium of expression and communication which the spoken word in turn came to imitate. Writing encouraged an analytical mode of thinking, with emphasis upon lineality...

(interruption "Once more please")

"I... trouble is, I keep thinking of improvements on these passages all the time... With emphasis in lineality, continuity and connectedness. In other words, visuality."

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