Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Mico Toledo is a graphic designer who loves typography and music. Combing those two loves, he has started a project entitled “Music Philosophy,” in which he creates a weekly visual interpretation of philosophical song.

These annoy me a little bit.... yet I find myself really liking them. As an exercise in typography they're damn successful. Particularly the Beatles poster above and the Moldy Peaches one with the hands... I think these work best when the passages don't rhyme (quoting songs in general work best sans rhyming, without the music rhymes sound thrice as cheesy).


  1. yeah, there is something annoying about them. but i agree that they're also cool. hmm.

  2. you know what I think part of it is? that the lines don't read as they would in the song, like they're melody is off. so it feels wrong in your brain, it's off tempo.