Sunday, 8 November 2009


I've been thinking loads about the purpose behind things I draw, how images can be self-contained, self-explanatory. I'd been thinking of mix-matching famous quotations with incongruous subjects, and the way Hendrix has juxtaposed the speech bubble with the image, whilst allowing for an aesthetic continuity between type and figure, got me thinking about different ways I could do the same in my work. Cheers.
He uses white spaces so well, this one.

This made me think of the map brief! An illustration very much made for commentary, it's both amusing in a 'hehe' sort of way, as well being reminiscent of old Washington post political cartoons, which I love. Particularly the act of labeling.

Posting this image simply for its composition, for the way the waves and the ship spill over the edge. This works for both the aesthetic and the narrative of the image, allowing for the sense that more happens beyond this point. Also a fab wee way to allow for text, say in a children's book, without it seeming Image/Text/Image/Text. Bit of a comic-book element, aussi.

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